The Perfect Acoustic Guitar Training

Through the years I’ve had the opportunity of meeting lots of new students and teaching literally thousands of acoustic guitar lessons. The students learned a whole lot but I think i have benefited from it as much if not more. Everyone who comes to me for acoustic guitar lessons has different goals and different levels of motivation. It’s my job to discover what their goals are together with determine their degrees of motivation and enthusiasm. After I understand that I can begin to come up with suitable acoustic guitar lessons for them.

It makes sense from a business viewpoint because once they reach what they’ve set out to do they’ll keep coming back to get more since what I teach them delivers results.

Secondly and maybe most importantly it will help me to feel better about delivering great quality lessons for them in order that they get much more value than what they paid for. It’s truly a win-win scenario.

So let us return to that word perfect. It sounds great. ‘The Perfect Acoustic Guitar Lesson’ but sadly it does not really exist. There’s no such thing as perfection as we are always trying to accomplish more and to be a lot better than we currently are. So if perfection is a moving target why aim for that? Rather aim for something that is concrete and real. Like learning new strumming patterns so that you can boost your rhythm playing and breathe new life into the songs you know. After I know that is what a student is after then i can finally make a start on providing a lesson that’s ‘perfect’ for them based upon their set goals.

That exact same lesson could be a complete disaster for another person who just desires to learn some fingerpicking in order that he can serenade his girlfriend. Which is why there isn’t any universal perfect acoustic guitar lesson. So instead of spending too much time online searching for the perfect lesson rather get crystal clear about what it is you’re after and find somebody who can in fact do that and teach it to you.

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