Jaipur packages: Introducing you to the splendid Art and Festivities of the Pink City

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is not only alluring but also breathtakingly beautiful. Jaipur Packages are booked by the tourists from all over the world to explore the wonders of Rajasthan. What can be more exciting that roaming around the city sitting in a camel. The sheer magic of the experience is unmatched and you will remember your India tour packages and its wonderful experience for years to come. Two of the most alluring features of Jaipur which spellbinds the tourists are its rich art and culture and its festivities.

Art and Culture of Jaipur

The traditional dance and songs of Rajasthan will transport you another world where there is wonder and beauty all over. Traditional folk dance and music is etched in every corner of Rajasthan which you can easily explore through your Jaipur packages. The traditional art and culture has been carefully nurtured and sustained since the time of the Maharajas. Whether you are Indian or have come to India availing the India tour packages, you will equally enjoy the soothing and soulful music. It simply arouses the moods of the deserts and you will realize what actual music and folk represent.

The vibrant and redolent music of the desert includes all the tales of heroism, romantic verses, the brightness of life and the true sense of being. Jaipur tourism greatly upholds the aura and charm of the traditional music which carries it legacy and imbibes the best of the neighboring states of Pujab, Haryana, Sindh, Mewar, Gujurat and Malwa. Even the famous music directors and composers from all over the world specially reserve their Jaipur packages to come to the land of dance and music and get enlightened about the various forms and diversity of music.

Elephant festival

Organized in the eve of the Indian festival Holi, elephant festival just attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Not only do the tourists book the Jaipur packages to become a part of the colorful festival but they also get a chance to watch the interesting attraction which includes elephant polo as well. The festivity starts with a procession of decorated camels, folk dancers and elephants. All the elephants and camels are vibrantly decorated and saddled with mesmerizing cloths and heavy jewellery. Also, the female elephant is specially made to wear the anklets so that when they dance around the whole ambience is filled with heartwarming sounds of the anklet. The most well dressed elephant is also given a special prize. Playing holi at the back of the elephant is a glorifying experience, courtesy the Jaipur tourism. Other exciting festivals organized in Jaipur include camel festivals, kite festivals and so on!

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