Sitar: A popular musical instrument of India

The Indian culture and tradition is widely popular due to its classic music which has been dominating since its existence. The inspiration which stems through the music of India possesses the ability to reach the soul of mankind living all around the globe. But in order to add an expression to the music, the musical instruments are used which comes in a huge variety each containing its own creativity. In case of India, the Indian musical instrument have gained a global appreciation as it adds a unique sort of quality to the music. Various instruments of music come in this range.

A vast range of musical instruments came into existence since when the essence of music is spread throughout the world. Among those musical instruments, especially of India, Sitar is one of the most remarkable and notable instruments which from the earlier days is adding a voice to the music. Legend has it that it was invented by a great poet and scholar Amir Khusro. It is most commonly used in classical music of India as it has been originated in this nation. This instrument is comprised of all the basic elements of stringed instruments like Guitar and Tanpura.

It is made with 18 – 20 strings, and also comes with 11 – 13 sympathetic strings out of which 3 or 4 strings will provide the drone, and are located beneath the frets. Until the period of 1960s, this instrument has never been used while George Harrison came and changed all that. He picked it up and started playing. This incident convinced him to learn lessons from a famous musician Pandit Ravi Shankar. After the year 1965, The Beatles released a Western pop song with the introduction of Sitar. Since that period, it is constantly achieving popularity to every parts of the world, and has also achieved a hall of fame.

Another musical instrument of India which is also known to the other parts of the world, and has generated great musicians in this country is Tabla. It also possesses the origin and landmark of India. It is said to be originated in India but is believed to be already used since the Persian era. It comes with a pair of drums with a slight difference in their size, and each emits different sound. It is generally played by taping the palm over the drums. The instrument is made of woods of the oak tree comprising leather membrane that support the instrument.

Tabla adds flavor to the jazz music. Ustad Zakir Hussain tends to be the first musician to develop the art of playing this instrument. The two drums will emit a rhythm when played with a complete synchronization. He introduced this instrument to the world. Normally we can see that in India, most of the singers learn tutorial by playing this instrument at first. A rhythm and synchronization of palm and fingers is essential to come up with a splendid music. For this reason, the instrument has inspired a vast range of singers in India.

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