Albums To Listen To To Put You In The Zone

Often times when I work, I find that it helps to have some music on to stimulate my mind and get me in the zone. Chances are if you are reading this article you also like listening to music while you work. You have to be selective with what you listen to, however. Too much…

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Music Education Through Guitar Lessons

Choosing to take guitar lessons is a great idea because the guitar is a popular instrument to play and many people have them. Let’s say that you visit someone and see a guitar in the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to grab it, tune it and play a few chords of your favorite song? In…

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W.C. Handy, the Quintessential Memphis Musician

When talking about Memphis musicians, it is impossible not to mention the name W.C. Handy. Born on November 16, 1873, Handy lived until March 28, 1958. Frequently referred to as the Father of the Blues, the Memphis musician has been cited as an influence by many popular musicians. Bruce Springsteen, for instance, called for W.C.…

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