What is Hula

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, chances are you’re familiar with hula dancing. A staple of Hawaiian culture, Hula is a traditional form of music and dancing. This traditional Hawaiian music and dancing style is used to express praise and communicate genealogy and mythology. According to Hawaiian legend, the original hula dance was performed by…

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How to Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar

In this world with all sorts of designs of music and bands, finding somebody to show you what you really dream of taking part in is reasonably tough. The problem is finding a tutor who’ll offer you a smart guitar lesson that doesn’t embrace all the stuff that actually doesn’t matter when it comes down…

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How to Play an Acoustic Guitar

Playing the guitar is not as easy as it looks. You watch professionals strumming the guitar as though it was completely natural. They make it look too easy to create smooth music, but behind the perfect songs they play are many sacrifices. They practice the guitar regularly and they go through classes just to be…

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