3 Ways To Master The Blues Guitar Like Buddy Guy

Nearly all blues guitarists start out as rock or country guitarists, only developing their interests in blues at a later date. Thus, there are many blues guitar players who don’t have all of the necessary education and background requisite to play traditional blues who rely on altered rock licks and scales to sort of “fake”…

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Top Five Reasons To Learn Guitar Scales

To learn guitar scales is an invaluable asset for any lead or rhythm guitarist. Scales provide the basic building blocks in which music is constructed. As a guitarist, understanding and applying a few basic scales can allow enormous growth as a musician. Applying certain guitar scales will allow you to portray a sense of mood…

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Mastering Slowhand Blues Like Eric Clapton

The slowhand blues is the most prominent technique that makes blues music what it is today. Mastering the slowhand blues will demand time, effort and focus and above all in-depth comprehension of the different blues scales and the blues notes. Defining blues is not the simplest of things and playing it well s a completely…

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