Learn Guitar Solo – The Art of Going Solo

Most, if not all, aspiring guitarists wants to be on center stage and own it for a moment in time. The successful ones who made this dream come true can be seen on concerts, mesmerizing the entire crowd with his powerful performance doing a guitar solo. How did they do that? Here are some tips.…

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Review Of The Fender Strat: American Standard

Released more than 50 years ago, the Fender Strat is probably one of the greatest electric guitars in musical history. Over the year, the Fender Stratocaster has improved and earned a reputation for its great sounds and versatility. It can be used, and will continue to be used, for a variety of music, for instance,…

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Why Old Music from Memphis is Important

Most people do not really realize what a huge impact that music from Memphis has had on the sounds that are heard on the radio today. Although many people have heard of Jay Z, Bruce Springsteen and various rhythm and blues artists, few know that without people like W.C. Handy, B.B. King and Memphis Minnie…

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