Country Western

Sitar: A popular musical instrument of India

The Indian culture and tradition is widely popular due to its classic music which has been dominating since its existence. The inspiration which stems through the music of India possesses the ability to reach the soul of mankind living all around the globe. But in order to add an expression to the music, the musical…

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Motivating Children to Learn Music Brings Out Their Latent Potential

Scientific research has shown that learning music from childhood improves their learning skills, behavioral skills, and memory skills. This is why many Singaporean families have taken this concept to heart, and have enrolled their children in some of the best music schools in the country. Musical Evaluation Today’s children are influenced by different types of…

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Music For Christmas

Christmas is a very extraordinary time of year for Christians and especially for Christians living in Christian countries. A substantial part of the ambiance at Christmas is created by Christmas music. Christmas music needs traditionally consisted chiefly of carols and hymns, but some pop songs have become definite favourites in the repertoire of music for…

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