The Solo Musician Prepares

Solo instrumental playing is often the hardest performance type of all and can occur in many contexts, playing solo with no other instruments or playing a solo within a piece of music in the context of a band or orchestra. Both require the same techniques, focusing around the necessity to be knowledgeable about the music…

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Learning How To Play Guitar Needs Patience

Learning how to play guitar takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Practice makes perfect as what others say in general. If you have these traits, then you can play whatever you want. Guitar has been one of the most popular musical instruments nowadays. This instrument is so flexible to many genres of music that…

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The Celtic Harp In Todays Fast World

Harps are connotative of the classics for they are usually associated with the wonders of the ancient times. A Celtic harp comes by the name of folk harp, lever harp or Irish harp. Celts are the known original inhabitants of Europe including the originally known as Britain and now called England. No wonder a Celtic…

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