The “Beating Guitar” Of Italy

The battente guitar is also known as the chitarre battente, which in Italian, translates literally as “beating guitar.” (One can only assume that the verb in this translation refer to the action used to play the guitar rather than the instrument’s use as a club.) At first glance, the battente guitar is very similar to…

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The Tenor Voice Of The String Family The Mandola

The mandola is a stringed instrument that has a round shaped body, has eight strings and is played with a pick. There are quite a few similarities between the mandola and the guitar. In fact, the mandola looks like a teardrop-shaped guitar. It can also be acoustic or electric, just like the guitar. It is…

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The Country Music Sounds of the Mandolin

The mandolin is a stringed instrument that looks a lot like a teardrop-shaped guitar. Like the guitar, it is strummed or plucked with a pick in order to play the instrument, and the strings are placed over a bridge to let them vibrate freely. A member of the lute family, the mandolin was developed from…

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