Taiko: The Drums Of Ancient And Modern Times

Japanese taiko drums are perhaps some of the most dramatic percussion instruments ever created. Originally used in both Japanese folk and classical musical traditions, taiko drumming has moved with the times and evolved into a modern art form called kumi-daiko, which refers to ensemble taiko drumming. Exhibitions of kumi-daiko can include taiko of all different…

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The Asian Elegance of the Willow Flute

The willow flute is simple in design, as is the case with most flutes. It differs from most others, however, in that it does not have any finger holes to manipulate the sound that it emits. It has a fipple mouthpiece, meaning that the air escapes from a small hole just below where the musician…

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The Alto Voice of the Viola

The viola is simply a larger version of the violin, but it differs in its tone, strings and how it is played. While the violin has a higher pitch, the viola has a slightly lower pitch. Also, the viola is played with the pads of the fingers than the fingertips as is the case with…

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