Start Your Music Lesson with A Diatonic Hohner Harmonica

The harmonica is a great musical instrument and especially Hohner Harmonica. The Hohner is a trusted name in the harmonica for over a century. And they are still a coveted name with their Diatonic; Country tuned Diatonic, Chromatic Tremolo and other types. The instruments are loved by music players, and each item has its exclusive…

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Drum Lessons Frisco TX: Best Genres for Drums

What kind of music will you be able to play if you get drum lessons in Frisco TX? Almost every kind of music uses percussive instruments, but some of them use them more often than others. When you learn to play drums, you will become a very versatile musician. There are several genres that are…

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Ray LaMontagne Tickets – The Gossip Artist

Gossip in the Grain artist Ray LaMontagne is returning to the stage once again in support of his latest studio effort. Surrounded by dates throughout the country, singer /songwriter LaMontagne is returning in April for another trek, earning some yelps and hollers from folk fans from sea to shining sea. The man, from Nashua, New…

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