Top Six Reasons to Visit India

India is an incredible land which has affluent ancient history & deep cultural roots. A trip to the spiritual land of India is unlike any other place you can visit in this planet. Indian customs & rituals have been appreciated by most of the tourists who’ve traveled the nation and the massive range of geographical…

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Oud: How Is It Compared To An Ordinary Guitar?

Its name might not sound very enticing, but the oud can be seen as a cute guitar. What could be more relaxing, more soothing to the soul than hearing music that comes from the heart? Music is one dominating factor in our society today. It is a form of self- expression, where people can tell…

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What To Look For When Shopping For An Electric Guitar

The electric guitar has long been used in many popular styles of music, including almost all genres of rock and roll, country music, jazz, blues, ambient and even contemporary classical music. It uses pickups to convert the vibration of its steel-cored strings into electrical current, which is then amplified. The electric guitar can be played…

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